Allen’s Cruz, an independent designer and co-founder of TheyType, specializes in Brand Identity, Publications, and Custom Fonts for diverse clients, working both individually and collaboratively with fellow experts.

 A R C H I V E

Custom logo, 2023
Custom Typeface Syllabic & Latin Script. Under Otami- 2022. Project Won Typography Bronze Medal at Concours Idea 2023. 
Custom logo. collab with Sarah Auches. 2023 
Fragments, Scupture. 2020 
Caroline Monnet, Website. 
Made under Otami- 2023.
TheyType, digital foundry 2023
photo by Hamza.
Renconte interuniversitaire de performance actuel. Art catalogue. 2019. Photo case study by Marion Paquette. 
Detail, Cover Book. Under Otami- 2022. Photo by Sita Singh.
Art Director Website, 2023
Antoine Lussier, Website, 2023.
Heavy Material, Art Book. Under Otami- 2022. Photo by Antoine Lussier.
Adrian Stimson, Publication, under Otami- 2022. Photo by Antoine Lussier.
Specimen Custom Font. 2018
Photo by Alignement.

Susy & Jose’s Logo-T, 2023.
Custom Keybord Design in co-creation with Clara Cousineau, 2022
Exhibitions Panels. Paris France. 2021. 
Photo by renaud.labelle. 
Visual Campaing. Co-creation with Lochlan Doyle. 2019. Photo by William Wachter.

S E R V I C E 

I provide top-quality, personalized services in typography, branding, print, digital design, and exciting custom consultations.


Allen's Cruz is an independent designer based in Tio'tia:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal. His design practice, with an emphasis on typography, includes works in print, publishing and digital design within the arts and culture disciplines. Cruz’s work understands design as the connection point between cultural identities and gravitates towards typography as a tool for shared world-building. His hybrid Dominican-Canadian identity informs his constantly evolving approach to social and cultural realities. Cruz’s earned a BA in Fine Arts with a major in Design from Concordia University. Cruz is the co-founder of TheyType foundry alongside Sarah Auches, specializing in high-quality custom fonts. Allen's also works as a lead designer at OTAMI- alongside Cree creative partners Sebastien Aubin and Sita Singh, where he has worked on numerous custom typefaces, visual identity, and book publication projects for Postcommodity, Remai Modern Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Jeffrey Gibson amongst others.

S E L E C T E D  

- 2021 Failles transformatrices, by Collectif Blanc. Publish n°261 Vies Des Arts.
- 2019 What Eric has in Common to the font Gill? Publish in L’Organe Magazine, Adversaire issue n.16

G R O U P  E X H I B I T I O N

- 2023. Avalokita Exhibit, Art Residency. Cuernavaca Mexico. 
- 2017. Project Maison, Surface habitable, design Magasin 7. Co-creation with Lys Quintero, Jonhelle Smith, Sévan Belleau & Van Le, Montreal QC.
- 2017  Project Maison, SIDIM Exhibition, Montreal QC.
- 2017  Untitled ‘‘tea’’ table, SIDIM Exhibition, Co-creation with Maude Fontaine-Brossard, Montreal QC.


To explore freelance opportunities, collaborate, or check my availability, please don't hesitate to send an email. I'd love to connect with you! / Instagram