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TheyType Foundry 
Type froundry in devellopement with Sarah Auches.
From St-Lousi US and Montreal CA, 2022.

OTAMI-ᐅᑕᒥ Studio
Art Direction, Identity & Custom Type
2021/22. Website developed by Johnelle Smith

Jeffrey Gibson Studio
Custom sans-serif Typeface. Four weights, at otami 2021. Specimen ︎︎︎

Là où les mondes s’engendrent / Colliding Worlds
Graphic Design Panels Exhibition
2021, Paris France. Curator: Renaud Gadoury
Photos by @renaud.labelle.

« S’asseoir sur la marge »
En Collaboration avec Clara Cousineau
2021. Montréal QC. Photos by Marion Paquette.

International Youth Theatre Fest (Transformation)
Posters series + Digital Pixel Typefaces Four Weights. 2022. in Alba iulia, Romania.

Sculpting Letter. 3d Print typographic exploration
2019. Printed at the Digilab.

Postcommodity, Time Holds All The Answers
Custom Typeface & Publication at OTAMI-
2021. Remai Modern Gallery.

La Ripa, Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle.
Publication and Identity
2019. Montreal QC. First photo by alignement.

Festival Chromatic 8e. Massive Arts.
Campaing and Identity in collaboration with Lochlan Doyle. 2018

Point de faille, Collectif Projet Complot.
Publication. Printed by Katasoho.
2020. Faille transformatrices, Article written by Collectif Blanc - Vie des Arts.


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