(1)Otami-Mono, Regular And Bold. Typeface design. 2021. (2)Mobile Format for Otami- website, About page. 2021/22 (3)Otami-website, design, developed by Johnelle Smith. 2021-22 (4)Typeface design made for the publication Postcommodity, Remai Mordern Gallery. Design made under Otami-studio. 2021 (5)Postcommodity latin charaters set from regular/italic to bold/italic. 2021 (6)Design d'expo extérieur Là où les monde s'engendrent. Commissaire: Renaud Gadoury. Paris France. 2021 (7)Details shot: Introduction Panel. 11 Canadian artists panels in sequence. (8)Typset work for the Association Des Groupes en Arts visuels Francophones, magazine. Under OTAMI-with Sébastien Aubin and Sita Singh. 2021 (9)Poster Design for the To Talk With Others, exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centers. Under Otami. 2020 (10)Spread of Point de Faille, publication for the collectif Projet Complot. 2020 (11)Spread selections of the Point de Faille. (12)La Ripa Cover spread, Publication. 2019/20. (13)Festival Chromatic 8e, Visual Campaign along side Lochlan Doyle. for MassiveArts, 2019. (14)Festival Chromatic 8e, Mobile.