Allen’s Cruz Independant designer, based in Mont(🇩🇴)real Tiohtià:ke, Canada. Currently at studio 514.

What Eric Has In Commun Avec La Font Gill?
Risograph print on paper, Atelier Circulaire, by Aziza Nassih. 11 x 18 inches. 2020. 20 copies in total.

2)Poster hung in the main class of the design department and on the entrance door of the design department teaching rooms Concordia University. (EV building, 6th floor) 2019

3)Research Project published in L'Organe Magazine, issue 16. Adversaire, p.20-21. (~3000 copies of the issue and spread all over Concordia campus and some coffe shops in Montreal QC.

BA projects

Started as a Research case study on visual culture, during my last year at Concordia university. My research project came to consists of two 12 x 18 in, double sided posters that act as cataclist of a uncorftable topic that I wanted to make more visible in my school environment. One side says “what eric has in [...] à font gill?” and the reverse is a close up portrait of Éric Gill up side down. The second poster we can read “Quesqu’Eric à [...] gill font?” Basically one poster that start from french to english and the second poster is the reverse way. An overlaps of stream of internet criticisms about Éric Gill’s history too. The serie of poster are printed in bright red and cyan. These posters were then placed throughout the design and computation arts department of Concordia as a form of critic and raising awareness on the use of Gill font as the princical graphical and communication tool of Concordia university.

I am currently in collaboration with Atelier Circulaire to make a new order of the posters with the intention to print it Risograph. the newer versions of the poster should be ready for March 2020.

''I believe that What Eric Has In Common À La Font Gill posters series is a one little step that use design as a means of speculating how things could be by starting a conversation and sharing awarness. Making the the matter public''

#Language, #Role of national and academical Institution, #the relation between an art work and it's artist, #empower communities, #visual culture, #typography, #corporate identity, #metoo movement