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I am currently working at Studio Otami︎︎︎ in Montreal / Tiohtià: ke, alongside the designer and artist Cree Sébastien Aubin, with whom I collaborate on many projects that are anchored in the arts, culture and education, mainly with Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States. On my own, I have also collaborated on various projects related to the artistic community of Montreal. I have a bachelor's degree in visual arts with a major in design at Concordia University in Montreal (2019).


My graphic and typographic work explores the limits of the mediums of print, publishing and the web, and falls within the realm of arts and culture. I have a particular interest in typography both from a classical and experimental point of view. Through my work I try to explore the influence of visual communication on the typographic experience approached from a playful and at the same time rigorous angle.

My hybrid identity at the junction of the Dominican Republic and Quebec - Canada, leads me to adopt a constantly evolving approach around diverse social and cultural spheres. This education, having shaped my identity both on a human and professional level, leads me to initiate a reflection on the aspect of creation in incubation around collaboration and different creative movements, basing my relationships on trust, transparency and the sensibility.