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Graduate from a B.A. Fine Arts (major in design) from Concordia University. My major exposed me to the power of visual communication and the built environment in which I use and create tools to make positive and informed change around the world. In my program, I have always challenged myself to think critically about every creative choice that is made, which I think is an important tool for conceptualizing different artistic directions. I am interested in the influence of visual communication through my typographic experiences and my multidisciplinary graphic design, often exploring the limitations of print material, web space and the built environment. I currently work in an artists studio (514), of Caroline Monnet, as a designer and assistant to Sébastien Aubin, whose practice is focused on publication design, graphic design and typography. I am also assisting Sébastien, who is currently a M.A. student at Concordia University. Based in Montreal, QC.
Collaborateurs: Tam Vu, Clara Couzino, Galerie, Caroline Monnet, RIPA - rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle, Olivia Bretheau, Festival Chromatic 2018-2019, Nuit Chromatic, L'Organe Magazine, Commissaire Officiel, Boutique Michel Brisson, Playmind Studio, Sweetnothings - Many Mainichi, Groupe Accueil, Expo SIDIM, EspaceProjet, Club Judo métropolitain.

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